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Michele Obama


Last night I watched Oprah interview Michelle Obama. I already thought she was a great person. So I went to facebook to find something about the interview to like. That is when I came across many angry white women railing against her. One post called her a pig.
I was so angry. I wanted to post a comment to the lady saying at least she wasn’t a C-word.
I did not. And what Michelle Obama said next, inspired me. She spoke of knowing who you were and being your authentic self so that you don’t care what people think.
That must be the successful mindset. Michelle Obama was an accomplished professional before the white house and I find her to be a great role model. She is proud of the fact that she is a role model not for black women, but for women in general.
They need that. Well, not all, but many. I also found her to be inspirational. If she can rise above the dangerous racism and anti women dogma, then I ought to be able to rise above the weird defeatism of a normal job.
Boy, I would like to call out the racist woman on her racism. In the end I wonder what to do. We must fight against hate. But does it change that person’s mind. I don’t think so. It entrenches that dog-faced troll in her beliefs (sorry, went low). It adds to an angry culture. It ruins my own karma.
In the end, Obamas are doing it right. They stand strong without flaming the anger of backward, inbred dummies (went low again). Yet that flame has lasted longer and is stronger than I thought.

Its time to relax. And shut up.

I was moved by Michele Obama when Oprah interviewed her, so I searched Facebook to see what people were saying. Big mistake. There was many negatives posts including a woman that called her a pig and some other animals.

I wanted to comment to that woman’s post. Call her the c-word. She is clearly a racist Now I am concerned with my social media presence. However, this was also the breaking point. That woman would have felt bad, I hope, but it would not change her mind.

No. while I believe we need to be active and be vocal against people like Mr. Trump, I don’t know what good comes from social media malarkey. We engage in it and I think it has a detrimental affect on us. Even the ‘us’ as a whole. We are dirtying our collective consciousness (as predicted by Ghostbusters II).

Conservatives trolls want the engagement. They think they win no matter what you say or what names they call. (Slanted statement, yet I stand by it) Liberal trolling does not change anyone’s mind. I know because sometimes I do it.

So I need to take my own advice. Remain balanced and remain calm.

The one exception I find is Trump. Again, it does no good, but I think it is at least something that the president elect can post something and everyone can respond. We can dissent. It will not sway him as he will not read it. However, on his post we can show that there is dissent.

Is submitting your poetry to literary magazines/journals intimidating?

A good article on submitting to journals. Yes, look for writing samples online to see if your style matches AND get an issue or two of those journals you want to get into and want to support.

Trish Hopkinson

This article by Neon Magazine has some great tips. I’ve done my fair share of submitting, and I can attest to not only the time it takes to thoroughly read and meet all of the submission guidelines, but how important it is if you are serious about sharing your work with a larger audience. If you read this article and still have questions, feel free to message me or comment below. I am more than happy to do my best to share my own experience and tips or do a little research to see if I can help.

For more info on how to submit to literary magazine and journals, read my Submission Tips here. You can also check out some of the places I’ve been published by checking out the links on my Publications page.

This article provides info on the whole process of submitting, including:

  • Finding a suitable…

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Swamp Cronies



You know all those movies and TV shows about a dystopian future where companies run the world. I think that it is beginning to happen now.  Especially with Trump and his swamp cronies. Corporations have always had great influence over our government and our lives, but now they are gathering the ability to do it legally.  More importantly, they are gathering the ability to stop any opposition legally with ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). This organization is comprised or corporations that right up legislation that they want passed and then buy the republican politicians that will enact.  These laws, when passed, give more power to the corporations and make it harder to fight against them.  Gov. Walker’s union-busting acts is a prime example.  Right to work makes it more difficult to organize a union and keep it.  The un-unionized companies can maximize their profits, their stock portfolios, and their wages.  Union members used to be able to consolidate their power to try and meet the corporations influence and now that is taken away.

We may want capitalism to sort things out. That’s what I want.  But we must learn the lessons from the robber barons.  We want a thriving economy and we want the American dream where you can become a millionaire.  More importantly we do not want a society where people get a share whether they earned it or not.  We do want people to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.  Yet we need to have a society that strives to eradicate poverty and unnecessary hardships.

I do believe that conservatives want to end poverty and people’s pain. They want people to learn that they can help themselves.  The problem with this is that it is not a black or white situation (race and otherwise).  Corporations are stacking the deck against people right now.  They are using people’s own anger to do so.

The future may be too late. I can see a scenario where people will still vote, but regardless of who they vote for, the robber baron laws will remain in place.  And any person that wants to buck the system will not have the money to get the word out.  Social media will remain free speech, but will not be able to stand against the purchased speech.

Yeah But Still

A blog is necessary platform for a writer. And while almost no one reads this blog, I find it a good exercise on writing and practice for when I am discovered.

Because I am a writer, I think I mull over ideas more than the typical Joe (not saying better). Then I write them down to further help me think about them.

So I have some passionate ideas of the world. Things I am concerned with. Things like helping the poor, religion, and abortion.

My views are not acceptable to all. I have been thinking about this as I wrote reviews of Christian writer Lisa Lickel’s books. I fear that I tarnish Lisa’s reputation or that people come to read the review and are ambush by my views.

They are my views. Because of the nature of a blog, I can not say all that I believe about subjects.

If I could, I would state that I am a religious person. I respect the goodness of truly Christian people. I also respect that they do not want a human life terminated.

That’s my only point. I respect the views of true Christians (This does not include the ilk of Mike Pence).


Lisa Lickel’s Understory is an intriguing stomp through a small Wisconsin town ensnared by a cold snap and a crime syndicate involved with drugs, murder and sex trafficking. Understory, published by The Prism Book Club November 16th, is a great story that fulfills Lisa’s promise of “What if stories with a touch of grace.”

Lisa’s characters are complex people trying to survive the true-life problem of crime coming to our small towns. Her main characters Lily Masters and Cam Taylor are forced together when the Wisconsin winter requires them to spend several days alone in his rustic cabin. Both are running from something.  Lily wants to get away from her shady brother and Cam is running from his tarnished reputation. Just as I was about to categorize this book as a romance, it quickly became much more. Lickel deals with serious issues and her characters react realistically. The drama unfolds realistically and uniquely.

I found Lickel’s characters fully fleshed out with great back-stories that she reveals with succinct details that do not bog down the story. This well written story can be enjoyed by lovers of all kinds of fiction. For me, a great novel is one where the characters are memorable and live on in your mind long after you finish the last page.  That is what Understory does for me.


Are You Prince?


I did not get the obsession with Prince. I mean he had a few catchy tunes and all, but evidently he was quite popular.  Okay, he is considered a genius. Including the hosts of the Up All Night Podcast. Yet they still took the news and went back to what they were doing.

Everyone wants a legacy. I want one. I thought someday there will be a collection of my writings and their drafts in a library someplace. Well, I do not think it will happen, but if Prince is not remembered, how will I be. Some writers have a lasting legacy.  Hemingway, Faulkner- well you know who they are. However, there are many authors that were famous a hundred years ago and are now largely forgotten.

Is that depressing? Perhaps. However, at the same week that I hear the description of Prince’s death a shrug and back to brunch, I watched a Netflix show Called Unbreakable. Ice T gave an impassioned eulogy about a bit actor- “He was to his own self true, and in that way, he lives forever.”. He stated how the bit actor was a success because he went for it and lived his life.

So in the end, it is better to touch and help a small number of people around you- that is a true legacy.

I find this strangely motivating to keep writing.