All Lives Matter

Would black people be better off focusing on what they have and the blessings in their life. To always be thankful they live in a good country? I believe so.
However, I see a direct correlation with those that believe that blacks should stop complaining and how much they think white men are the new minority. What I mean is the more certain people believe that the white male is a target of unfairness, the more they say black people should be grateful.
To a certain extent, all people have things they struggle with. However, racism is real. Facts are facts. More black men are killed by the police. More black people are incarcerated. The simple act of profiling makes them angry as it should. It would make them angry.
So, too many people are whining that white males don’t have it fair. That other people have it more fair. Besides being wrong, it is weak. It is babyish.

Yet people get mad over black lives matter. They say all lives matter. In this they see reverse racism. However, they are not using violent rhetoric. There are people calling for black people to be eraidicated from the country. To be sent back to AFRICA.
People that are not racist, but want black people to quiet down, are an echo of our recent racist past.


Charlottesville’s White Supremacy Rally

Violence was not the right response. It only fueled the hatred. Yet the alt-right were chanting for the end of Jews and the beginning of ethnic cleansing. I am trying to think of a good analogy. The best I can think of is what if OJ’s children went to the Goldman’s house and began chanting that someone needed to exterminate the rest of the Goldman’s. Or would people not want to react angrily if the Muslim’s rose up in our country and called for the end of all Christians. Would there be no Christians waiting for them with weapons? To me, it was wrong but understandable. And the protestors didn’t run people over with a car.

Words are Stronger than Facts

Nobody likes what they have. There is always something better and it is in our nature to find problems. Perhaps most importantly, nothing is perfect, but we want things to be.
And that is why Trump was elected. He is a salesman and he used salesman techniques to sell himself. I noticed that seeing all of his promises put together. He promised everything. Health care that did everything and was cheaper. He promised a balanced budget that expanded the military. This is low-balling.
According to Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 22 Mar. 2017, Definition of lowball
transitive verb
1 : to give (a customer) a deceptively low price or cost estimate
2 : to give a markedly or unfairly low offer

He gave the racists what he wanted. He promised them what they wanted while saying no one is less racist than me. In this way, he won over the racist and many moderates. He gave the fundamentalist what they wanted by being anti-abortion. Then he promised the large amount of disgruntled voters what they wanted. That he was not beholding to politicians or greedy Wall Street jerks. He still says that while putting those exact kind of people in position of power. Words are more powerful than facts.
He does not care. His job was to land the big client, the American people. He wants to go on and keep selling and leave the delivery to Bannon and his crew. He may not even support what they are doing, but he is not concerned with that. That is not his skill set so he is not even going to try. Instead, he’s going back on the road and do some more selling. That is where the adrenaline rush is.
Selling is his comfort zone. It is a money-getting skill, but you don’t have to be brilliant for it. You just used the time-tested techniques. So it’s how he approaches everything. Dealing with reporters and dealing with foreign heads of state. He believes that he can succeed with his limited skill set. However, his ad campaign of a ,er, campaign worked on the individual voter and running a government is not. After all, as Abraham Lincoln said, You can’t play a player,

Mother’s Day Post Too Late

The United States foreign policy needs to mimic an effective force. A mother. When they are not causing trouble, the mother remains quiet. When a child comes to them, they are loving. They pour on the love and support. But if the child disobeys and gets into a fight with someone else, mom goes apeshit. She wants you to regret acting out and she makes sure that you do.

Then if the child gets into a fight and it is not his fault, watch out. She will protect that child and make the other child pay.

But children act out. So she puts them on a timeout, and if that doesn’t work, the mother may back him into a corner with a big spoon until the child acts the same way. Then a little later, if that child comes and needs something, she opens her arms wide. She tries to make everything all better. Then she is back to nurturing. Helping the child to grow and succeed.

She wants the child to succeed. She also wants a little thanks. She most likely won’t get it. Yet she continues to help and encourage. She shows by example even though there is nothing in it for her.

As long as you don’t mess with her. As long as you don’t fuck up big time. Because she never rests. She has eyes on that child (and in the back of her head, ie. drones). She will help that child to be self-sufficient and good. But even after that child has grown up, watch out. She believes you are not so old that you can’t be bent over and given a spanking.

Even then, you still respect mom. Because she makes the best meals at Thanksgiving. You try not to attack another person and threaten them with nuclear annihilation.

new regime in religion.

There will be a new regime in religion. Just as the Jewish faith had corruption and people go away from the values and Jesus came in to renew people and advance people to a better way, there will be a new religion.

There were the moneychangers and the priests that kept people in line and they stayed above common people, there will be a CHANGE.

The PEOPLE that use bible to judge and condemn and allow themselves to make new wealth at the expense of the poor will be turned out and a finger will be pointed at them.. perhaps it will be a new messiah that metaphorically overturns their tables.

Maybe it ill be a metaphorical messiah that overturns the actual money tables.

Otherwise I do not understand what fundamental Christians are about. Do not give transgendered people rights. We don’t need those filthy degnerates having their own bathrooms. Even if you were to believe that transgendered is a choice and a mistake, shouldn’t you be treating them with kindness? lead them to God, because you cannot drive anyone to religion.

Do you think that you vitriole and hatred is going to attract them? They do not want to anything to do with religion, not because they are heathens, but because you are angry and ugly.

Abortion from Hugs

Sex is not something you can’t live without, but it is a strong drive. There is not something analogous to it because our species need it to survive and thrive. There is judgment in prolifer’s zealousness to end abortion.

No, they would not be for it, but if it was not making the beast with two backs, instead of outlawing it, they would actually be trying to solve it. I will temper this by saying that prolifers are also worried about the direction of our society. There is evidence that suggest that they should be.

However, judgement and yes punishment is not the way to go. What if pregnancy was caused by hugging children. Nothing sexual, just a hug. Let’s say there was a 50/50 chance that you would get pregnant (man or woman) by hugging your own children or your newborn nephew. Your first grandchild. Or your second. or any child.

It is something you could live without. Yet, your feelings would tell you to do it. Our society and I believe our species require affection to our young. Not the same pleasure response. But a pleasure response nonetheless. Some people enjoy their children more than sex.

But my scenario takes the judgement out of abortion. Would we be trying to make law against hugging children. Would we say only married people could hugging young people. If someone slipped up and hugged a child, would we force that person to carry a baby? We would understand the drive to want to hug a child. Would there be people that would say, you can’t abort the child now. Take it as a blessing from God. Yes.

And yet, there would be a hell of a lot less judgement. You say that’s different. It is important to hug children and it is a positive, nurturing activity. So is sex. That is why we have a sex drive. And people have sex for the wrong reasons, but sometimes people hug children for the wrong reason. The single dad is lonely and their child is the only one that loves them. The aunt without children of her own is too attached to her niece and nephew to fill a need.

Without judgement and condemnation, there would be a solution to the problem. There would be a pill to take or a vaccination and everyone would know about it and it would be free. Men would think, I don’t have time to have a child, I have things to do. Those men against abortion gain their vehemence from a perhaps hidden, but deep wish that women were still the people that stayed at home and were subservient. There are women who believe this as well and could stay home and have as many children as they could afford.

You say my scenario is not realistic. So what, but maybe the touch of a children would cause the production of chemicals. Sex is just the efficient way to combine those chemicals

Not in God’s plan? God made sex between a man and a married. Who is not to say that God’s test is abortion and the answer is to stop taking sides and work together to solve the actual problem.

Switching Gears- For real this time

A few post ago I talked about switching gears without actually switching gears. I have a lot to say. I like thinking about it and laying something out. The problem is we do not change each others minds. We invigorate like-minded people and opposite minded people and keep them apart with arguments.

So then what shall I talk about. The intention was to talk about writing. I may have posts about writing and self-publishing. The problem I see is that others cover that.

And here is a hint about being a writer. You need to have a platform and on that platform, you give your audience what they want. You preach to the choir and write the way they like you to write. The other thing you need to do is connect.

I don’t know that I plan to do that. Because my plan is to write about what I know. I am a teacher of young people that have mental health and behavioral issues. So I will write about that. Actually, my plan is to steal things i write for a treatment group that i run. My focus though is not on fixing mental issues, but in presenting information that everyone needs to know.

In addition to children with mental illness. I teach children with autism. That is the main focus to my job.

Here is a funny scene:

My boss was talking about how being a special ed. Teacher you think your kid has every syndrome there is. She said I thought my child had this and that.
I agreed with her. I said I used to think that my child had autism. Then I found out I was right.

So I have read up on autism. I’m not an expert, but ive read the experts.And if I think of something worthwhile on the subject, I will post it.

Hope and Spare Change

Can Trump be what we hope for?

I don’t think so. But here is one reason rolling around in my head. We hate career politicians because they say whatever they need to to get elected. Trump is the same way- just more awkwardly so that we think he is sincere- he is actually just more bold.

Like all politicians, he has held every position on the issues. He has said something and admitted he said something just because he needed to.

In the end, he may have landed on your side (conservative, you ignorant slut). That does not mean there is going to be any really change. Especially when the houses still have to play politics. They are still beholding to the american people. (In Wisconsin, republicans have made laws and gerrymandered districts to take the power away from people, but they won’t be able to at the national level.

Changing Gears (Fail)

Changing Gears

I have to stop speaking, tweeting, and writing about politics. I must switch gears. Yes, at the same time, I must keep working to stop what I feel is the wrong direction, but I have to step away from this conflict.

Will Trump be the solution to our government?

First that is misleading. That is starting with two premises. That something is wrong with it and that it can be fixed.

I wonder if we have the expectation that government can be good. Which is weird because we know where we work is way messed up, our home life is not what we want it to be; and we are not who we want to be. Why do we think the government can be any different.

Vote for Yourself

People vote for who we see in the mirror. This is a comment a coworker said the day after Trump was elected and I keep coming back to it with expanding connotations.
Trump is an angry man that is thin skinned and attacks without thought to decorum. This person is reactionary with the absolute belief that he knows best. People are trying to figure out how he got elected. How his tactics work.
The answer is look around you. Look at you. We have become a nation of road ragers and trolling internet comment makers. We….let’s be clear WE love to get into it on Facebook and post things just to get under people’s skins.
In our defense, we are good people and in our hearts we are gentle. We are loud because the whole room is shouting. And the thing of it is, we worry about the manners of the youth. How they do not have any social skills. Which sure seems accurate. But perhaps we are singling them out when they are just one of us.
We elected a reality star. Because we love those sons-a-bitches. Back-stabbing and hair-pulling fights really puts a kink in our collective pants.

Replace previous paragraph with this one?
I am not objective. I do not believe that a democrat could or would get elected by making fun of a handicapped reporter. However, I suspect we elected Barack Obama because he had the right slogan (Obama turned out to be a great leader).
Trump might be many things to this country. He might be its destroyer. Typically, I believe in balance and he might cause a swing back to a reining in of just saying whatever you want. As much as good as bad comes of events.
However, he might be the validator for vitriol. This is dangerous. Especially for those people targeted for hate already. But he is not creating a wave of ego-eccentric callousness. He is is just riding the crest of one created by conservative and liberal alike.