Mother’s Day Post Too Late

The United States foreign policy needs to mimic an effective force. A mother. When they are not causing trouble, the mother remains quiet. When a child comes to them, they are loving. They pour on the love and support. But if the child disobeys and gets into a fight with someone else, mom goes apeshit. She wants you to regret acting out and she makes sure that you do.

Then if the child gets into a fight and it is not his fault, watch out. She will protect that child and make the other child pay.

But children act out. So she puts them on a timeout, and if that doesn’t work, the mother may back him into a corner with a big spoon until the child acts the same way. Then a little later, if that child comes and needs something, she opens her arms wide. She tries to make everything all better. Then she is back to nurturing. Helping the child to grow and succeed.

She wants the child to succeed. She also wants a little thanks. She most likely won’t get it. Yet she continues to help and encourage. She shows by example even though there is nothing in it for her.

As long as you don’t mess with her. As long as you don’t fuck up big time. Because she never rests. She has eyes on that child (and in the back of her head, ie. drones). She will help that child to be self-sufficient and good. But even after that child has grown up, watch out. She believes you are not so old that you can’t be bent over and given a spanking.

Even then, you still respect mom. Because she makes the best meals at Thanksgiving. You try not to attack another person and threaten them with nuclear annihilation.

new regime in religion.

There will be a new regime in religion. Just as the Jewish faith had corruption and people go away from the values and Jesus came in to renew people and advance people to a better way, there will be a new religion.

There were the moneychangers and the priests that kept people in line and they stayed above common people, there will be a CHANGE.

The PEOPLE that use bible to judge and condemn and allow themselves to make new wealth at the expense of the poor will be turned out and a finger will be pointed at them.. perhaps it will be a new messiah that metaphorically overturns their tables.

Maybe it ill be a metaphorical messiah that overturns the actual money tables.

Otherwise I do not understand what fundamental Christians are about. Do not give transgendered people rights. We don’t need those filthy degnerates having their own bathrooms. Even if you were to believe that transgendered is a choice and a mistake, shouldn’t you be treating them with kindness? lead them to God, because you cannot drive anyone to religion.

Do you think that you vitriole and hatred is going to attract them? They do not want to anything to do with religion, not because they are heathens, but because you are angry and ugly.

Publishing with iUniverse — Yea or Nay? (an iUniverse review)

I think any POD self-publishing place that is well-known can provide you a good book. The key is to get it professionally edited

Before we get into the nitty gritty details of this topic, let’s begin with establishing what exactly iUniverse is, and what makes it different from traditional publishing and self-publishing. In a nutshell, there are three types of publishing:

publishing chartSo there’s the breakdown. iUniverse is an assisted/vanity publisher, meaning you pay them money and they publish your book for you. Assisted/vanity publishers have a God-awful reputation amongst self-published authors, due to their tendency to squeeze authors for every penny they have. There have also been all sorts of lawsuits filed over missed/inaccurate royalty payments, publishing books without the author’s permission, etc. On the other hand, many authors have gone with assisted/vanity publishers and been perfectly satisfied.

So … iUniverse — Yea or Nay?

The Good

  • The friendliness. Every employee I have ever spoken to at iUniverse has been incredibly polite, friendly, and eager to assist me in any way they can…

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Not my hero, Or Wait….

I had a suggestion as a member of the Lakefly Writers Conference. Jess Riley. I think I even contacted her via Facebook. I don’t think we have even met and she was not one of my main authors I read. I never tried to emulate her. However, she lives in Oshkosh, so I ran across her book Driving Sideways. It is a great book and her later works are spirited and well-written. We want writers like that and we really want to celebrate Wisconsin authors.

Now lately I’ve been trying to remember experiences at Lakefly. Write here what kind of talent we have speak. Well, I was doing other things, so I didn’t even go to Riley’s session.

So why write about this? Because it got me thinking. I do not know a lot about Riley, except for occasionally coming across her blog and her Facebook posts. So I do know this. She is a published author. Obvious, but that is a succinct way of saying a lot. She is active in the writing community, However, she also has a demanding job as a grant writer.

We would all like to be that writer that gets up in the morning and writes for a living. In this day and age it is almost impossible. So, my goal, and probably most writers goal is to write and do it well while maintaining a source of income for groceries.

Jess Riley does that. Yet she is also to write intriguing stories. We have Driving Sideways- a story about a young woman with a recent kidney transplant dealing with that while coming to terms with her life. She has another story of a person that places a Craigslist ad to have people function as a family for a Thanksgiving dinner. I should go and jog my memory of what the title is. Instead go search for Jess Riley. I only wanted to point out that her stories stuck with me.

We can live like Stephen King or we can prod along like many mid-listers (If we are lucky and plucky). Either way we want people to read our work and for those stories to stick.

Riley and our other speakers have done that. They are my heroes.

Word of Mouth

Dan Andersen talks about how inviting lakefly Writing Conference in Oshkosh is- for all levels of writers, but especially new ones. At sixty bucks, it is a low stress conference to experience.

Isolation and a lack of direction. That’s how I feel when I haven’t interacted with fellow creators. That’s not a good feeling. A good feeling: Attending a conference. Mulling around with people who do what you do. Some of them are hugely successful. Some of still near the same plane as me (albeit still ABOVE […]

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The Perks of Being a Writer

I will have to remember the statement. I earn enough….to keep me going, even though I can keep going for pennies.

Cristian Mihai

When I tell people I’m a writer they usually ask me how much I earn. I usually smile and say “enough.” I’ve been giving this answer even before I started earning money, when my stories were available for free on Wattpad.

The thing is that being a writer, or any other kind of artist, also means that most probably you’ll never earn a lot of money. Million dollar advances are extremely rare. Besides, I’m quite sure that most artists aren’t in this for money.

But what exactly do you earn if not money? Is there something else to being a writer?

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Meeting My Heroes One Conference at a Time

At the Lakefly Writers Conference, I have met writers that I really respect and many that I came to respect by meeting them.
The first year of Lakefly, we had Michael Perry and the Long Beds perform at the Grand. If you don’t have them, go get their CDs and I helped them unload and watched them rehearse and then we went to dinner at Beckets. It was just awesome that I got to go to the concert. Everything else was a gift. After performing at the Grand, they went to Beckets (Perry knows the owner) they performed some more.
The next day, Mike stopped off because Mike Magnuson was speaking. Magnuson was my suggestion for a speaker. I read about him in Perry’s book Population 485 and then picked up some of his books. I snapped a good picture of the two Mikes walking together.
Mike Magnuson is a hero of mine and he lives in Appleton. His books The Fire Gospels and the Right Man for the job are gritty and honest and stuck with me. I also recommend his Lummox: Evolution of a Man. Lakefly gave me the chance to meet him.
We also booked my old college professor at the first conference. Dr. Larry Watson. He has written great books- Montana 1948 and Orchard: A Novel and many more- are very respected works. It was great to see him again. I went up to him to tell him, “You were a great teacher, the best, but a lousy advisor.”
He thanked me after I said he was the best and I was thankful that I did not get a chance for the rest. I was trying to make a joke, but he deserved what I ended up communicating.
This is getting so long, but I must mention John Dedakis. He worked with Wolf Blitzer for many years. He has great stories, good instruction on writing, and is a genuinely good person to boot.

I am a Lakefly

I am a writer. So you know what that means. Exactly. Socially awkward as hell. I am a better communicator as a writer than as a speaker. This is especially poignant as you are reading this and this aint that good either.
Writers conferences are sometimes put on by writers. A crazy thought, but stick with me. So some conferences then are not as friendly. I mean they are friendly, but because I am socially awkward, I need them to be super friendly.
I think the Lakefly Writers Conference is. I think in my role as a volunteer, I am as well. What I am saying is that I rise to the occasion. Or perhaps it is the right environment and it fosters that in me.
Maybe it’s just that I desperately want the conference to succeed. A conference that I help put on is one less that I have to go to and not interact with people.
Actually, though, it’s a great conference. I love interacting with attendees and the speakers.
It has great attendees. I enjoy meeting writers from all over and I like the responsibility of working to make sure it goes well.
This reminds me of a story. We recently had Michael Perry as a speaker and needed to put a lectern on the risers. I told him it was probably heavy (as in he was a speaker, I shouldn’t expect him to lift it).
Mr. Perry said a very Michael Perry thing- “Are we not men?”
A great bonding moment. Unfortunately he was one of my heroes. So I was tongue tied. My response was mumble mumble mumble. Maybe I’m wrong about Lakefly fostering me.
It will for you though.

Lakefly 1st Timer

I found this blog about the Lakefly Writers Conference last year. There is so much pressure to attend a conference. You have to network and learn and conversate and find the darn rooms. We hope that we make the Lakefly as comfortable as possible.

I’m not here… I am driving. To Wisconsin. I am attending the Lakefly Writers’ Conference. And though being around a bunch of strangers makes me a bit anxious, the conference scene is getting familiar to me. I can handle that. I will be meeting a few people I met on Twitter. People I like, that […]

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